Better Blue Widget Presentation

This site shows you three of the approaches you could use to present your products in a more substantial way. In each case, more content means more interest from Google and more engagement for prospects.

Product Page

Your product description pages may be the landing page to the site, so they should assume nothing from the visitor. They need to be a complete sales story on their own. They need a decent amount of descriptive content to do this, and to be appreciated by Google. And they each need to target a specific search term, with the right SEO titles and tags.

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Application Page

Most prospects aren't looking for your company or products. They're looking for something which can meet the requirement they have. An application page turns your product story on its head, answering the question: "How do I...?" and presenting your product as what they need. When Google gets questioned, make your company the answer.

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Background Page

If you're going to present your company as an authority in your field, marketing claims don't mean anything to engineers or scientists. They want to see technical articles, explaining to them how things work and demonstrating that your company is one they can trust. And great articles get referenced, which means links - still the key to SEO.

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BMONwords can take the content generation task off your hands, using experienced engineering and scientific specialist writers. We can discuss with you which of the approaches above makes most sense for your products, then we do the rest, creating content for your site on a regular monthly schedule.

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